When we lose someone, we love, I know first-hand that grief is a rollercoaster of emotion. You may feel numb, in pain, angry followed by feelings of emptiness and a loss that sinks deep into the pit of your stomach and no matter how many times people say to you ‘it will get easier’ you have no idea how you’ll ever feel normal again or how you’ll get through the current day, or the next day and so on…

Each day that passes, is another day without them!

BUT the fact is, they live on in us!

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You are regularly told ‘time will heal’ But that to me isn’t exactly true.

Daily triggers can aggravate my personal scars, such as the smell of an aftershave, a song on the radio or looking at old photographs and these triggers can sometimes make me laugh, smile, be thankful for the time I had with that person, or hit me with an overwhelming sadness because I miss them too.

As long as memories are present, you keep that special person alive in you!

Photographs are something I treasure! the fact we can capture a moment with a picture and keep it forever is beautiful. I love to look back on photographs, whether it’s looking back on the days of my tight permed hair, my 90s fashion fails or having a pre-baby figure, along with treasuring the people who are no longer with us – all sorts of memories flood back! We may not be able to stop time, but we can re-visit moments in time through photographs!

And what if I said we could put some life into those photos and make them fit perfectly into your home? I’ve rustled up quite a few photo prints from a range of sources and they look brilliant mounted and framed in one of my chunky wooden frames.



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February 27, 2017 — Louise Lowes