I'm still waiting for my wonderful gay mate to marry his wonderful man, so haven't had the honour of attending nuptials at a gay wedding. But I'm sure when they do (if they do...hint hint) it'll be an absolutely fabulous and amazing day!
A mate I went through school with, college with and even my first job with and through all that time it wasn't until after our college days that he was able to talk openly about how he felt!  He had spent so many of his years not feeling able, to discuss or express who he knew he was. I look where he is now and I'm ever so proud him, he has found his man, has a fantastic and inspirational career helping young children and lives in a beautiful location. Not to mention, a fantastic social life! He makes me smile that lad!
When it came to creating and designing cards and gifts, I had automatically created options for same sex couples and was quite astounded to realise this isn't a regular thing in the gift industry when searching for products or cards else where.
I am proud to have had the opportunity through Lu Lu's to create beautiful keepsakes for a number of gay marriages over the last year. From cards, personalised bauble, framed prints and wedding memory book. I also created some lovely keepsake cards for Valentine's Day.
I'm still continuing to design and create more products but to view what's available now just click here
April 05, 2017 — Louise Lowes