As we get older, it is inevitable that the gifts we receive become less, as our social circle becomes more intimate, priorities change and life becomes about eating, sleeping (if you’re lucky), working and cleaning.

Time can pass and realisation hits that you haven’t given any time to your friends, or had any quality time for yourself in such a long time.

Life has become routine, and the most exciting thing about your week is the new TV drama you managed to catch up on and maybe that glass of vino you managed to swig in between laundry loads.

Exciting Times!

Where is, the time going? Christmas Day felt like yesterday and now its March? You’re nearly another year older and contemplate celebrating with maybe a spa day or afternoon tea courtesy of a Groupon deal of course, (cheaper the better)! But often something else comes up, whether it’s no babysitter, not enough time, can’t get time off from work, or the routine of life takes over.

So, getting back to the point…Why a personal gift is so powerful!

Because your precious time has been used to think about that person!

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So, next on the calendar is Mother’s Day, I’m busy making beautiful gifts for customers to give to their mums, nans etc. using my precious time which is spent designing and customising products that will be treasured keepsakes but in addition to this my time is also, spent running around like a lunatic after my brood of 3 kids, (12,10 and 2) husband and dog, along with trying to man the family home. So, when it’s my turn to give a gift, and time appears to be limited it would be so easy to pop some cash in an envelope, maybe pick up a gift card, bunch of flowers on my ALDI shop and grab a greeting card from the local garage.



But when giving a gift, the key is to put yourself in the position of receiving it…

and ask yourself how would that make you feel? Would it be memorable? Does it show how you’re valued or appreciated?

It’s not about the cost of a gift, but the thought that’s gone into it! That’s the true value!

So, wrapping up it’s quite clear that time is precious, but if you use it effectively you can get everything done and have additional time to put some thought into the perfect gift for the next occasion.

Give yourself a little time, a mini brainstorming session even! think of the person you’re buying for, what do they love, what’s their occupation, what gift would they would utilise, what keepsake would be treasured, what do they value and what from this can be adapted to your budget etc.

This little time is all it takes to shortlist gift ideas…

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February 13, 2017 — Louise Lowes