A bespoke gift is a unique, individual gift that has been customized for a special person(s)

This type of gift could not get any more personal! My favourite!

Not only is the gift a beautiful keepsake to be treasured for years to come, but it’s obvious and clear to the recipient that time has been spent thinking about them.

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A bespoke gift can be created utilising things that are personal to the recipient such as photographs! Whether they are hard copy photographs or digital photographs, Lu Lu’s can bring them back to life to be displayed and enjoyed.

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Gifts can include:

Wedding anniversary Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Milestone Birthdays

And more…


You may have also seen a design of mine that you want adapting or tweaking

ABSOLUTELY FINE! Just get in touch!


If you have an idea that you want bringing to life, or need some help with inspiration

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I have created numerous personal gifts and the reactions to them are overwhelming.

Job satisfaction right there… Emotional tears of joy, is when I know a gift has done its job!

Making someone feel special in turn makes you feel special, an unforgettable moment…