As a working mum of 3 highly charged energized kids, a wife to a hard-working hubby and mum to a big bouncy chocolate Labrador… daily life at home is what you would call ‘hectic’. Usually, consisting of living in a messy house of kids clutter, with a never-ending wash basket of dirty laundry, and an on-going list of home chores to tackle. Sound familiar?

In this hectic crazy mum world, I found it can be so easy to forget the person you are. Whilst the time ticks away and you’re cleaning the kitchen for the 5th time that day, it’s clear that raising mini humans can be somewhat challenging, and tick tock tick tock time keeps ticking away.

Time… such a precious thing! the household chores will always be there to tackle and the mess is an on-going battle … but remember this quote… A clean house is a sign of a wasted life! So, occasionally just STOP, take a deep breath and treasure the moment you are in and enjoy!


One of my all-time favourite quotes!


Time… such a valuable thing! To give someone your time is to give them a portion of your life you’ll never get back! What a valuable gift that is!! Time doesn’t have to be spent with that person (although that’s always nice), time can be spent thinking of that person…

And your precious time can show through a gift

So whether it’s a special occasion or birthday, if you’ve spent some of your valuable time thinking about the person you’re buying for, it will shine through the gift like sunbeams!



For years, I’ve sourced and created gifts for my friends and family that connect to who they are as a people, and with a little time spent thinking about what they value, what they love, who they are as people, the perfect gift can be found.

And the reactions I’ve received have been overwhelming, in fact the feeling became like a drug to me, the best feeling ever so with every birthday, occasion or reason for a gift I would use the same technique as above and found that gifts and cards personal to the individual was the way forward!

A personalised gift is a powerful gift!


February 13, 2017 — Louise Lowes