Valentine... Yeh or Neh?

Some do, Some don't? and that's ok!

We're all different people, living different lives with different priorities but the one thing we have in common is living in this very fast paced world.

Time passes by so quickly, which is why I feel you can use Valentine's day as an opportunity to show your partner what they mean to you. Whether it's a novelty keepsake, sentimental keepsake or something that connects to your relationship, a gift on this day is sure to touch heart.

Here are my TOP 5 Valentine's gifts:

1) Song Lyric Framed Print - Do you have a song that connects you to your partner? A piece of music has the power to take your mind back in time! So when you’ve got a song that takes you to a happy place then it simply has to be framed and displayed and take your partner back to that moment!... A song reminding you of your dating days? A joint favourite song or artist? Wedding Song? First Dance? Walking down the aisle song? 

2) I love a gift that can be useful and our keepsake keyring range is not only a useful product but the quotes have heartfelt meaning and some humorous! Your partner can carry your love with them - various quotes available which can be found here 

3. Back to another musical gift! I truly believe music is a powerful tool to display emotion and feeling. Therefore, these wooden music boxes make the perfect keepsake gift. 'You are my Sunshine' , 'Can't help falling in love with you'. Shop HERE

4. Whether you are a couple or have expanded, the next product are the most adorable pieces of home décor that represent beautiful meaning. Our 'Animal Family' Range with sentiment card... Get ready to melt your partners heart with these! BROWSE HERE

5. At Lu Lu's we source jewellery that symbolises something more. Look carefully at the pendants and styles as they mean more than what meets the eye! BROWSE HERE

I'm on hand as always with gift ideas and many more options in store and online. Browse the full Valentine Card and Gift Collection HERE

January 21, 2020 — Louise Lowes