Arrrrgggghhhhh! It's that time of year again mums and dads... 

  • the end of a school year!
  • End of Term!
  • The approach of the six weeks holidays!

Where does the time go??? It seems like only yesterday you sent them off to school on their nerve wracking first day, waving them off into their new class with their pristine school uniform all fresh and new and then 'BAM' in a flash you're faced with another year done, another year older and a child who is growing in front of your very eyes, with so much more knowledge (and questions) than they had at the beginning of the year and that's with thanks to your child's biggest influence 'Their Teacher!'

I think Teachers are brilliant humans! I couldn't personally do it, and appreciate what they do with a class full of students! They not only help our children grow in school hours, they also take time to prepare, plan and execute fantastic engaging lessons that help our children to become the future!

Teachers are in the service industry, just like hairdressers, taxi drivers etc. but without the gratuity and tips! So you tend to find in the last couple of weeks of term, children excitingly go to school with appreciation gifts for their teacher and assistants.

Job Satisfaction for the teachers right there! but I believe this also teaches your child to be thankful and appreciative of adults and grown ups therefore they'll hopefully grow up respectful, appreciative and helpful themselves!

Wine, Chocolates, Plants, Flowers are popular, but if you'd like to stand out in the class and be remembered, I have some lovely unique cards and gifts that last year had some teachers emotional, they went down and will go down an absolute treat.



The Button Head Family Notebooks are not only personal to the teacher but are very useful! A gift they can proudly use throughout the next school year or for personal use. With a range of quotes to choose from - there should be one to suit yours!  Choose your Notebook Here...


A personalised Framed print that can be proudly displayed in their classroom, office or at home! Choose your Framed Print Here


A useful gift such as a Mug for their cups of tea or coffee Mugs Here


A useful, practical gift the teacher can use time and time again! A tote bag, that can be rolled in their bag, carry their workload etc. Excellent A4 size can carry their essentials...

Find Tote Bags here...

A Keepsake Keyring


Keepsake Cards


Unique/Bespoke Design Gifts - Just let me know what you're after!

Hope this helps you mums/ dads/ carers!

Lu Lu xx



June 30, 2017 — Louise Lowes