I am a Mother of two youth footballers who currently play Grass Roots football for our local club 'Stockton Town FC' and 'Stockton Schools District'. My husband is also a dedicated football coach/manager
As you can tell -

Grass Roots Football is a big part of my family.

At the end of each season, I get to watch my son and his team attend the club awards night where players and teams get to showcase their season achievements and recognise the best in grassroots football. 
As a football mother, the end of season recognition for the children and parents is immeasurable; an evening dedicated to celebrate the hard work of those players and their coaches is the perfect finishing touch to the season. Both my sons have been lucky to earn and receive trophies but unfortunately I have also witnessed first hand that those trophies become dust gatherers, end up broken or simply residing in a cupboard.
A mass produced product with a small piece of personalisation. 
As a graphic designer and living with a family of footballers,  I created and test marketed a product that every footballer would love to receive
'The personal alternative to a trophy' 
Since 2018 this product has been working its way into many football clubs, winning over children and parents! Receiving 5 STAR Feedback.

The Product

Designed as a personal piece of artwork that aims to replicate a team's football shirt from their season/year and recording key information such as logo, team names, facts & figures of the player, description of player, coach/manager name etc.
This is a design that is personal to the player and finished in a frame for protection that can be proudly displayed in the home / bedroom.
Example Print
Football Trophy Print
The perfect piece of memorabilia to keep forever! Year after Year each print will build up a story/ record of a players grassroots football life, more than just an ornament!
We currently work with a number of football clubs including and currently have space for more teams in 2020. Different packages available to cater for different budgets. 
  • Stockton District
  • Stockton Town FC
  • Marton FC
  • Riverside Juniors FC
  • Leven FC
  • Norton & Stockton Ancients FC
  • Coulby Newham FC

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Football Trophy Packages

February 03, 2020 — Louise Lowes