‘2020’ the year that shook the world…A virus, a pandemic, a worldwide crisis!

Like a tornado, the virus picked up pace and affected anyone in its path, turning lives and livelihoods upside down in a flash.

As a country, we closed our doors, shut the shops and confined ourselves away to 'stay safe'. Left with an uncertainty of the unknown and vulnerability at losing control of our 'normal'. 

In a state of crisis, it's quite easy to be swallowed up by the storm especially when change is enforced upon us unwillingly, but its within our power to decide how we move forward.

"If I can't control the situation then I'll control the way I deal with it"

The road ahead was not clear, it was not straight and was definitely not smooth. It had many bumps and pot holes with no directional signs in sight - so it was down to me to find the way. 

As the world stayed apart, many life events were spent separated from those we love so despite our physical store being closed as a result of national lockdown we continued to serve you from our website and social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram

My aim is to make a customer's life easier especially during difficult times such as this, so I adapted the website to incorporate an option for a

  • Free personalised gift tag message with each gift in order to help your gift arrive in style directly to your loved ones.
  • The products are also beautifully gift wrapped when dispatched direct to a recipient in order for them to experience the full gift surprise on opening the packaging.
  • Greeting cards also have the option of a free inside message which allows for the cards to be shipped directly to the recipient with an accompanying personalised envelope.

I may be a small business but i'm one that has the biggest heart and appreciates every single purchase made through my store.

As the turbulent journey of 2020 continued, I was privileged to have helped so many customers near and far share their love to others using the power of a card or gift and I am forever grateful for that!

As the year came to a close, I received notification that Lu Lu's Personal Gifts had won an award for Best Gift Shop in Northern England.

The Corporate Livewire North England Prestige Awards recognise small and medium-sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months. The judging panel base their decisions upon areas such as service excellence, quality of the product/ service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable methods of working, as well as consistency in performance.

Lu Lu's Personal Gifts Gift Shop of the Year

A true honour to be recognised and awarded this title. I was elated, ecstatic and emotional washed down with a couple of gins that night. 

Then, like buses - another one comes along... Best Gift Boutique North East England - 2020 Northern Enterprise Awards.

Northern Gift Shop Award

'Stars can't shine without darkness' and I believe that in the hardest times we can all shine we just have to believe!

These two prestigious award titles which wouldn't be mine if it wasn't for my customers, so these are both for you! Thank you for shopping with Lu Lu's!



April 01, 2021 — Louise Lowes
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