We’re on a mindful mission to help you say thanks to your staff and let them know they’re valued and appreciated. We believe gift giving, when done right, is a magical way to bring happiness into a workplace
(and we all need a little more of that!).
'A gift can boost motivation and promote positive well being - and our local, sustainable products are good for the soul and kind to the planet'
For the team that went the extra mile
For the person who stands out
For connection
Team togetherness starts here.
As a large company, you’re looking to nurture a positive company culture.
You want to build meaningful relationships with your people, to create real connections and make sure they feel valued. But the thing is, the size of your business makes it difficult to promote a sense of unity and closeness.
We’re here to help large organisations just like you
Experts in the art of gift giving, we’ll create sunny smiles all across your workplace. Working with wonderful clients in health, hospitality, social services, banking & financial and professional services like HR, legal and digital, we’ve got something for every company, for every occasion, for everyone
Companies we have completed work for include:
We would love to partner with your company