Family Tree Personalised Framed Picture


Name Tags

This personalised design print is ideal for those people at the heart of a family, such as grandparents or parents and can be for any occasion. Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary to name a few! One of life's greatest achievements is creating and growing a family so we believe at Lu Lu's that a gift representing such an achievement is sure to be a winner! 

Our family tree, has been cleverley designed by Lu Lu to show how a family has grown from the centre (the heart of the tree) We all know all families aren't the same therefore the design is tailored and adapted to any family whether it is small or large. We can include robins to represent loved ones that are no longer here or butterflies on request

Personalisation Required:

  • Name(s) for centre heart
  • Names of their Children
  • Then detail family members for each 

In the design, we cluster each family together around the tree therefore please detail the family units separately. I may contact you for clarification to ensure I have it correct.

(Please detail all personalisation you require for the order)

This LU LU’s GIFT package includes:
  1. Art work designed exclusive by Lu Lu
  2. Design time on your unique special gift with your requested personalisation - Please note: The Price varies dependent on number of tags due to the requirement of additional design time. Please choose the appropriate no. of tags for your design to view a fixed price.
  3. Email design proof before printing and amendments can be made.
  4. Artwork Printed on A4 Linen Card - for a quality print with long lasting results
PERSONALISED FRAMED PRINTS - Can take up to 14 days for completion. Please allow enough time for the occasion to receive this bespoke gift!


 * Digital Picture frame incorporating the design has been used for illustrative purposes