Mini Crystal Healing Tree


This is a mini crystal tree made of natural crystal gravel and natural raw crystal and copper wire. The healing crystal tree is also known as the tree of life, the tree of fortune, and the tree of money. It is said to bring fortune, blessing and wealth. Ideal gift for someone you care about

It can bring you or your loved ones the energy that attracts success, prosperity, wealth and all good things. It is also suitable as a home decoration, which can enhance the magnetic field of the home, promote family harmony, and protect family health.

Hand polished from natural crystal stones. The surface is smooth and round. It preserves the healing energy of natural crystals.
Healing crystal energy: Crystal has a "piezoelectric effect", which can generate extremely weak positive and negative currents, which can help us recover to a certain extent. We can place it on our nightstand, kitchen, garden, coffee table or office desk (around computers or cables). Crystal stone's natural spiritual healing power and magnetic energy can "transform" all negative energy into positive energy, helping us to be in a state of meditation and happiness in work and life.

NOTE: These well made hexagonal stones (pendants) are smooth, highly polished and made from different gemstones, due to the nature of the gemstones, the carvings may vary slightly in size, color and shape. Each product has a unique look.